Think Yourself Thin

Eat like a champ and lose that fat! A 7 Day Challenge with amazing results.

You can do this, too!

  • Wow, This is Really Something...

    Carol lost 9 pounds In the first week. "I didn't feel overwhelmed with the changes! The morning video set the stage for the day and the evening hypno helped reinforce it... awesome! I found this to be a great way not only to release weight and make foundational changes but to release baggage and a poor mindset. I love Wendi's common sense approach and her humor throughout as well as her gentle but firm "nudges." I do want to say though that the thing that truly astounded me was that I lost nine pounds in spite of the fact that this was one of the craziest, most hectic week filled with twists and turns and challenges that had absolutely nothing to do with this 7 day program. I am incredibly happy with the results. Thanks so much, Wendi!!!"

  • "You feel so good and there is no struggle"

    Tami lost 9 pounds in a week! "The most surprising thing was the energy - I thought I had lost it when I turned 50 - Nope! " - Cathy 5 pounds less in only 7 days "The change was very easy--not only for eating but for other habits--like soda and gum--totally gone now. also, this was something that I will do every day now. Eating consciously--the hypnotism was great." - Pat lost 6 pounds in one week "This program helps you change your habits one at a time for a gradual and complete change of your eating habits. I started to really enjoy healthy food I didn't feel hungry." - Joanne lost 8 pounds in only 7 days "If I could lose 5 pounds using only a part of the program, the results are amazing. I will be going to sleep each night with Wendi's encouraging voice in my ears!"

  • One Small Change a Day...

    Kate lost 5 pounds in just a few days "It is NEVER too late to begin again. The small, simple daily changes and info in Wendi's program are easy to follow for the 7 days, and after reinforcing them each night with hypnosis, you will feel confident. You feel so positive, and there is no struggle. I could feel full after eating much less food than I was used to eating." Rebecca is 5 pounds slimmer in 4 days "Try it! It is amazing what making one small change a day can do! I eat more consciously now and only want to eat real foods. Wendi is really encouraging and inspiring. I am dedicated to keeping live foods in my diet for my health and energy. I was just simply stunned that I was eating fruits and veggies....which is unheard of for me!" Rebecca 5 pounds slimmer! in just a few days

You Will Feel It ~ Instantly...

we can do this, I will help.

How many more times are you going to look at the scale and be mad at yourself?

Have you given up on getting your
emotional eating in control?

Are you hungry all the time and
can't stop eating?

Please spend 10 minutes
a day with me on video.

When you wake up in the morning, you will join me on the 7 day challenge to change everything about the way you eat, one small change each day.

Easy? Extremely.

Lose weight? Immediately - in fact you might be shocked at how much my members lose in their first week.

I am a hypnotist who has created some powerful methods to stop your hunger and put you back in control. Best part? You will feel great starting on day 1!
Have you ever wished you had a magic wand?

This might be it. Here's why.

Do you really want to put that in your mouth?

In 10 minutes a day you can change everything about your eating style and habits.

The 7 day Challenge is easy because it is only 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. And the hypnosis session will totally change the way you feel about food forever.

The Top Secret 5 foods that are Making you fat.

Never, ever eat these 5 foods.

1- High fructose corn syrup
Read every label, this is the ingredient that interferes with your hormone that tells your brain that you are full. This one ingredient is suspected of being responsible for our obesity epidemic. Read your label. If you eat this you will stay hungry!

2- White bread
It is basically like eating sugar. It is stripped of everything good and has only starch that turns to sugar immediately in your body and spikes your blood sugar. Other white foods are bad, but sugar and white bread are the worst.

3- Breakfast
Cereal can be the worst thing to eat! Eating the sugary breakfast foods or the fast food egg McCrap (500 calories in a Mcgriddle!) in the morning and you are doomed! When you start eating this amazing nutrient rich, super food smoothy for breakfast you will burn fat and have a clear head.

4- MSG
Scary stuff to feed us... and it is hidden in a lot of foods. It affects your weight, and it is used to make laboratory animals fat without increasing their food intake! It affects the hunger and weight control centers of the brain. And your body will feel bad after eating it, rather that the energy you get from really good foods.

5- Soda and Coffee
The acid balance in your cells determines if your cells will release fat or hold onto the fat. Diet soda is bad, and just because it is sugar free doesn't make it good for you. The alkalinity level of your body will make the fat fly off your body.

Limit the amount of coffee, but even better switch to green tea. And use fresh lemon (lots of it!) in your water to alkanlinize your cells and lose fat fast!

I will take you on a seven day journey to change ONE small thing each day.

Watch a short video in the morning with the challenge and get excited about doing something different... consciously... on purpose.

Listen to the Hypnosis Audio session that evening and embed the change so it is permanent.

This combination is amazing, since you will spend the day being aware of one thing, changing it easily, and then creating a permanent new habit in your brain in the evening when you listen the hypnotic embedding session.

Sound fun?
Yes, it is fun

Will it be easy?

You bet. Only one small commitment each day.

How will it feel?

Amazing, actually. When you realize how powerful you are and how it feels to have a totally new way to think about food, you will feel in control and release weight naturally.

Seriously you have to stop the chemicals of stress. They are making food get stored as fat. Hypnosis, meditation and trance are the mind's fat burners. Your stress level drops during trance and meditation. Hypnosis is like the super hero of de-stressing!

On the veggie challenge day, combined with your morning hypnosis, you will taste the sweetness and freshness of the veggies. And when you do your veggie freak day, you will have energy.

The smoothie breakfast will make a believer. When you use my smoothie recipe for your breakfast, you will feel full and have an abundance of energy. Best thing ever!

Join me now, you will receive as my gift to you The Appetite Zapper, The Brain Massage and the Junk Food Crusher- a $50 Value!
I Love this session... The Appetite Zapper is the best way to stop bad food cravings, start loving your veggies and find out what your brain can do.

If you are still fighting food cravings, let me have a few minutes to change everything. In less than 30 minutes, you will entirely change your cravings. You will let go of the bad foods, sugar, fast food, fried foods... and you will hardly believe how EASY it will be to choose nutritious foods.

This really will change your mind about food

Come with me on this journey, start to love your life and your body

    1. Day 2- Video

    2. Bonus- Junk Food Blaster

    3. Day 2- READ ME

    4. Day 2- Hypnotherapy Session

    1. Day 3 Video

    2. Day 3- READ ME

    3. Day 3- Intro to Appetite Zapper

    4. Appetite Zapper Hypnosis Session

    5. Zapper intro- audio

    6. Day 3- Hypnotherapy session

    1. Day 4- Video

    2. Day 4- READ ME!

    3. Stop Self Sabotage

    4. Day 4- Hypnotherapy

    1. Day 5 Video

    2. Day 5- READ ME!

    3. Love to Exercise

    4. Day 5 Hypnotherapy

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