Will it happen to you?

People are often changed, deeply and profoundly with the love they experience in my program. I Know you will enjoy it a lot!

  • Smiling big, this guy...

    Wendi - thought you might be interested... I am feeling so loved. And most of all your voice is great. You really are gifted. amazing. I can't tell you quite how therapeutic it is to listen to a beautiful female voice talking. Particularly in a loving, stable, balanced, supportive way. The sessions are very reassuring. - Jason R.

  • Feeling the love

    I endorse very few items or services. And in my career, I must be guarded in what I allow to be published for the general public. But in Wendi's case, I am so deeply appreciative of how my life is so much better due to Wendi's service and programs. I honestly believe in Wendi's work and want to let everyone know how grateful I am. Max Wilson

  • Soothing...

    Dear Wendi, Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. I think of your soothing, relaxing voice as being from a mother or guardian angel (a touch of heaven on earth) and I feel inspired to be attentive and loving lovable. Gratefully, Don D

You Will Ooze With Love...

End your sadness, anger, self loathing and unworthiness. Feel the power of love.

Only $49.90 ($90 value!)

These 8 Hypnotherapy sessions will help you to attain an amazing sense of self love.

Karma of Kindness
First, experience the Karma of Kindness session. Let go of Judgement and anger, feel real compassion. All your relationships will change.

Next, listen to the Forgiveness session. This hypnotherapy process is one of my favorites. It will help you forgive others, and ultimately yourself.Isn't it time to let go of the past and feel loved?

Love Yourself - All You Need is Love 
Now that you have cleared the past you are ready for some amazing Self Love. This next session, Love Yourself, is actually 3 sessions. Each one is a brilliant way to honor your body, your power, and your sexuality.

Integrity and Honesty
One of the most important things you can do to love yourself deeply is to have integrity. If you often struggle with honesty, truthfulness, or keeping your word, this session will give a core value of integrity. Ready to feel the love? I thought so!

I Am Love

Hypnosis audio for profound self love.
When you think about yourself, what do you really think about?
Do you say things to your body like "I am so clumsy" or when you make a mistake do you say "I am so stupid"?
Maybe you don't like parts of your body, and you say "I hate my thighs" or "my feet are so ugly".
Do you send messages of hate or love to your body, or get mad at your body when something goes wrong?
It is all about to change!
This powerful hypnotic session is a head to toe love fest.

Here is your course, that will give you a deep and wonderful love

It all starts with self love...

    1. Karma of Kindness hypnosis session

    1. To Forgive Is Divine!

    1. The Love Fest! HEALTH

    2. The Love Fest- POWER

    3. The Love Fest- Love, Sex and Sensuality

    1. Integrity- It Matters.

    2. Honesty- What it really means

    1. I Am Love

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  • 8 lessons
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Let's snuggle in and be a loving, worthy person

Change your heart and soul