Sleep Great Tonight! | taught by Wendi Friesen

This Is Your Insomnia Cure!

Find the cause, release the anxiety and worry.

    1. Belief Change Swish Process

    1. The Future and your ability to sleep well

    1. Train your brain to wake up alert at the time of your choosing

    1. Your Bliss filled night

    1. Dream Programming

About this course

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  • 13 lessons
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Sleep better, starting tonight

No matter how much you have struggled with sleep, this is going to change everything. It is an amazing experience


Can This Really End Your Insomnia? Yes, this is the fastest way to sleep deep and end your fear of not sleeping.

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You can start sleeping better tonight. Sleep Deep with my SomnuLucent Hypnotherapy program. Your Insomnia might be cured, starting tonight! 

This course  ends insomnia for good. 
Do You toss and turn at night? 
Are you tired and impatient all day? Do you worry about going to bed? 

End your insomnia with these amazing night time sessions that will lull you to sleep. Your frustration will end and you will sleep deeply all night. 

I know how insomnia can drive you nuts. I understand the feeling of dread when you think about going to bed each night. I understand how hard it is to have no energy and be impatient and angry all day. 

Many years ago, I had insomnia for over 6 months. I was convinced I would never be able to sleep well again. Everything was at stake- my career, my kids, my health and my ability to be happy and alert! 

As I tell you about it now, I can feel those horrible sensations coming back… the memories of how I got 2-3 hours of sleep some nights, and other nights none at all. 

My years of research went from frustration to victory, and my programs have helped thousands all over the world. 

This new SomnuLucent program will help your insomnia. But even better, it will create an amazing transformative experience as you sleep. 

Each session has a powerful sleep inducing trance state, but also a message that plays quietly as you sleep. 

Each topic will give you inner mind a beautiful message that floats in and out of your awareness. You will sleep better and also get the benefit of making wonderful changes in your inner mind. 

When you wake up in the morning, you will be changed. 

1 Introduction to SomnuLucent A quick introduction on how to use this program and it's therapy sessions 
2 Identity release Change your identity and belief about being an insomniac. 
3 Belief imprint A Future Time Line Journey- create a powerful belief about how well you sleep in the future. 
4 Wake Up Sleepyhead Program your mind to wake up alert at the time you choose 
5 Blissful Sleep Go deeper and deeper into sleep and stay asleep 
6 Dream Programming Create a dream that will solve a problem, find a new idea or give you guidance 
7 Patience Become patient, kind and content. You will have a new perspective the next day 
8 True for You- Core Confidence. Be strong, confident, powerful and effective. End intimidation as you discover what is true for you 
9 Focus and Accomplishment As you sleep you program your mind to wake up driven! Get things done with spectacular focus and determination 
10 Sacred Serenity Go to sleep as you explore a profoundly spiritual renewal. Heal your body and mind with hypnotic rejuvenation.